Inspiration Wednesday: Restaurant Edition

Commercial spaces like restaurants are not usually on my plate (I'm primarily residential) but once you have designed one, you notice new details even in a Panera Bread. I came across a this smoking hot awesome restaurant in my web travels last week, and had to share the la V restaurant in...
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It Might be Trim, But That Doesn’t Make it White

More often than not, house trim is white. It can be Decorator's White or the perennial favorite I grew up hearing the name of: OC-17 White Dove.  It can be Studio White or Timid White or Diamond White or even Tibetan Jasmine ... but at the end of the day, it's still white. And why...
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Inspiration Wednesday

Just a few of the images that have been inspiring us in our work and "internet travels" this week. The first is a gimme oh look, a navy wall... lots of art... unexpected black Chinese style buffet... brass... hand me a mint julep and a book, that would be jolly. [caption id="attachment_4210" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Read more