Inspiration Wednesday – Bright Windows

Just some images that caught my eye lately. I love, love lots of natural light in a home. The greater the connection to the outdoors (minus the fully glass house, I think that would be too extreme) the happier I am. Big windows invite all that glorious light to come in. [caption id="attachment_4321" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Read more

The New Farmhouse

I know we aren't the only ones drooling over the thought of having a farmhouse one day. The trouble is, many have had their charm removed, or have been allowed to fall in from neglect, or urban sprawl has come to take them over, a relic surrounded by new homes where it once stood among...
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Designs Inspired by Nature

Sometimes nature inspires us. When natures creativity combines with human talent beautiful things can happen - and I'm always fascinated by what people come up with - trees made into living chairs, living railings, etc. Funny what you find on -- not a space I usually hang out in for lack of time, but hey...
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