Dancing Bear Update 2

Here we are, getting close to the end of February! As much as I am yearning for spring, I doubt I have Spring Fever as bad as the guys at Richardson Construction do. Despite horrible, freezing, bitter weather, progress for the new Dancing Bear restaurant and conference center moves forward. At the...
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Inspiration Wednesday

Just something that's probably on a lot of people's minds lately: SPRING. While the North is sick of snow, we in the South are sick of RAIN. At least the snow is pretty for a little while, and you can do something with it. To an extent, I know. But cold, freezing rain and ugly gray day...
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Valentines, Schmalentines

In all seriousness I'm not really a fan of Valentines Day. I have seen it be hurtful for single people and find it a little sad that we need a day set aside for romanticism to be "romantic." I say all this knowing I am probably a Valentine's Day baby, and that of all...

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