A Staged Delight

I don't do home staging much - it's probably about 1/10th of the services I offer, but when Realtor Jay Hudson game me a call and asked me to come look at this lovely little home, I knew I had the perfect pieces sitting in storage to make it sing.

Some homes, when completely empty, have layouts that make it hard for potential buyers to see where their furniture should go. It's not easy to carry sizes of your pieces around mentally in your head, and when confronted with what seems like a long hallway and then this equally-odd empty room, it stumps potential buyers. I found I initially struggled to "see" furniture in the space, and I do this all the time!

So here is the before:


The mockup:


And the "after":


The dining room already had some furniture pieces in it, so I just filled in the holes a bit:


dining beforeAnd dining room, after:


Another angle:


If you would like help getting your home ready to sell, contact me for staging services! Most homes are owner-occupied and need realistic expectations set for daily living while still looking appealing to the widest audience possible to help it sell. It generally consists of 1-2 hour walk-through of your home (depending on size), I take lots of photos to help me illustrate what I will explain in the multi-page in-depth report to get the house ready to sell. Typically the report is ready within 24-48 hours.

Thinking about moving to Ooltehwah TN? Like this house? Here is the listing!

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