Dining Room Reveal

Posted by Cris - April 16th, 2013

I finally finished dressing up my dining room! Of course I have tons of tweaks and changes I’d still like to make, but I feel like I can live with it now. While Dave was in Florida I painted the one wall an emerald green – by hand, with brush strokes. I knew that alone would make Dave FREAK. Then I handpainted a DeGournay inspired gold tree over that, with watered-down paint.


This is a very humble little house, all of 1100 square feet of shotgun shack simplicity. But it doesn’t have to look like a shotgun shack – it can be elevated a bit without going overboard. For the majority of the house, I went with Benjamin Moore’s OC-12 “Muslin” – it’s a very gentle off-white that blends easily with a variety of other colors and backgrounds. I swore years ago that I would never again have white walls… but now that I design in color so much for my clients, I find the absence is pleasant and uncomplicated to come home to.


I just adore the green-velvet framed sketch of a creek over the window. It came from a local antique-and-junk shop, and was love at first sight. Since there is a creek to one side of my house, it just fits. I feel home should be filled with your favorite things – living in a small house makes it really easy to let items you don’t adore so much go. Below is a lamp I found in an antique shop in Illinois. It has been with us for 11 years and been displayed prominently in almost every home. I finally bought it a nice, semi-expensive lampshade (retail at $95) and the glow is just fabulous. There is no comparison between a cheap shade and a good shade.


One last pic – with the chandelier I still need to bring down a bit…




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  1. shirley vogt

    What a rich, warm renovation! Using your artistic abilities, not only in design but in your wall painting is quite unique! We’ll have to come visit to see it in person, although your photos are excellent.

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